Frequently Asked Questions

It is an enterprise movement formed by a group of young people. It is a very institutional company that has established its principles in this way to give importance to its customers.
You can contact 24/7 via mail, live support or Whatsapp. You can be sure that we will provide instant support to you every time we are active. Our employees will be happy to support you during daytime working hours.
You can make eft / money order directly from your credit card or your bank. Credit card payments are made through the secure system. In addition, all the purchases you make on our site are instantly sent to you.
It will be returned to your bank within 14 working days. If the refund is in accordance with the conditions, your transaction will be started immediately and your account will be refunded within the specified days.
Revision right varies according to revision. If the user's request includes many people, the relevant process is queued and added with an update as soon as possible. No fee is charged for the relevant revision (only for applications).